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Full Version: Best SR4 Character Sheets
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I'm making a new character, and I can't seem to find a character sheet that's perfect for it. Some of the sheets feel too clunky, and the others that feel right are missing a few key things that make them much less usable. So, what are your favorite SR4 sheets and where can I find a copy?

Isomodred's Dossier is my choice. It's a printable (but not filable) PDF. I made a filable form, but I haven't yet obtained permission to post it.
I personally ran off about 4 copies of the original then went to work with a X-acto knife. The original was severely lacking for me, too. I made specialized sheets for the "character classes", kind of like how previous editions did. I also have issues with the wound penalties so I fixed that as well.

Of course this does no one any good unless I scan it in, or snail mail copies around. But still, for me, problem solved...
I made my own sheet just using word and it works really well for me and my crew.
here's the one I made for my group, we love it.
Voyds SR4A Character Sheet v2.0
I do take requests for new pages or changes if someone has a particular need for a specific character or a good suggestion, etc.
However, I would like to retain full copyright and distribution rights for this as I am a freelance graphic designer and layout guy.
So please, do not change these sheets and then redistribute them without my permission.
Faux Sho
My team uses the character sheet out of the core book and if we need more space for specific things we just use areas that are not being used for this specific character. For example the magic section can be used for gear if needed. Another thing we do is if we can't get a hold of any character sheets at all we just use Wordpad to type it up as if it were listed in the book. It keeps it organized and helps to keep track of BP costs as well. Here it is for anyone that wants to use it:

Race ( BP)

Attributes ( BP)
B 1
A 1
R 1
S 1
C 1
I 1
L 1
W 1
Ess 6.00
Edge 1

Qualities ( BP)

Bioware ( BP)

Geneware ( BP)

Cyberware ( BP)

Skills ( BP)

Spells ( BP)

Complex Forms ( BP)

Contacts ( BP)

Equipment ( BP)

The best part is that it's easily modified. And we can keep it all on the computer instead of having alot of paper. Hope I helped. smile.gif
I made my own, they work pretty well for my group.

TheOOB Shadowrun 4e Character Sheet v1.3.2
I use DK's Upgraded Character Generator excel generator. The charsheet output isn't great, but saving the whole thing plus a wordpad document with common dicepools and such works well. You can find it in the Community Projects section of the forums.
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