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Full Version: Advanced Contact Rules
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Has anybody ever tried making a more advanced version of the contact rules? I was considering trying to re-do them in a similar manner to the SSG's fleshed-out lifestyle rules.

The attributes I was considering giving people are as follows:
Professional Rating: How good they are at their job?
Friendlyness: How willing they are to help you, tied into the current contacts scale.
Resources: Their ability to supply gear
Influence: Their ability to make stuff happen
Underlings: Their ability to supply man-power (think gang-leader)
Greedyness: An inverse-scale of how much they ask for their services.

It will be hard to tie this into the current contacts system as it places such a huge priority on how friendly the contact is. The easier option is to make it an edges/flaws system tied to the current 3 contact levels.
There are a couple of variants on contact rules floating around -- I have a couple myself that I haven't finished tweaking if you want to take a look at them.

I'm caught between the additional complexity as being a good thing or a bad thing.

Neruda's Ghost
I've been working on adding a numbered scored to each contact level.

Each of the Three levels would have 10 units separating them. At each level, 1 would represents an initial score and 10 being one unit away from jumping to the next level. Personally, I don't allow Karma to upgrade this score, but thats your own choice if you allow that sort of thing.

Granted, its not as detailed as Lilt's, but it does give everyone a better gauge for comparison. This was specially useful to determine NPC reactions when dealing with a single contact which two players both knew but differed in Contact Score.
You're welcome to take a look at one of several rough drafts -- this one isn't even remotely close to being done and massive sections need re-writing, but you might get some ideas.

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