"It could be the solution to the problem of world hunger. Or it could just solve the problem of a few people having far less nuyen than they want.

There's a new breakthrough in food science, a plant that can grow rapidly in almost any climate and could solve food shortages across the globe. It could be the breakthrough of the century, which means it's worth an awful lot to some of the Sixth World's powers. Mr. Johnson's about to drag you into this mess--it's up to you to see what you can get out of the whole thing. And survive, of course.

Appetite for Vengeance is a new scenario that will give players fun wile also giving them a chance help out a local food bank. A canned food donation gets you in the game; additional donations let you re-spend already spent Edge points during the run. This holiday season, pull a run to help you those in need! For more details, check out www.catalystdemos.com and www.shadowrun4.com."

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