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Full Version: Rules question about use of toxins
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Do toxins require an attack roll? For example, if Gronk the ganger wants to use his cheap pepper punch on the unsuspecting runner, what rules are used to actually hit the runner? Does he default to his Agility with an opposed Reaction roll? I can't see where a specific skill would apply. Or does it automatically administer and you move to toxin resistance test?
Depends on the weapon you use to deliver. Toxins come in many packages: Grenades, capsule-rounds, spray guns, waterballons, injection darts, needles.

I think you specifically think about a spray? Well... i guess it would be: Exotic Weapon: Spraygun (Or maybe the splash?). And yes... most people would default. (Have you ever seen anyone training to use mace?)
Ha, how about thatů I don't think the books have any rules for your normal can of pepper spray. smile.gif Splash *guns*, sure, but mace? What a silly oversight.

Anyway, it would be a ranged attack roll, and using a syringe would be a melee attack roll.
Oh... and just to add something on: I guess that normal spary have a "choke" setting... making hitting easier (like a shotgun rulewise). But more intense. Maybe around -3 dodge? Of course their range is pretty much total crap. (But i have heard that the stuff "stays" a bit in the air... so anyone running through it might get himself a bit into the eyes.
Sounds reasonable to me. Thanks guys for the quick clarification.
Yeah, you do need to be very close. But don't liquid sprays pretty much squirt out a single stream? Not really a 'shotgun spread'. If you were spraying gas, that's different: more like a handheld gas grenade in function?
Ah yes... you are right, modern sprays have a constant line, not a cone, and even quite a bit range. (But i think one could modify it). Also i didn't know what i was thinking -3 would be epic. -1 MAYBE -2 for a spray (not the line though) would be enough.

That sounds good, it will offset the Defaulting penalty a little.
Hell, if we have these now, I'm sure in 2070 they could be a viable way to use pepper punch. It also make the Pistols skill a little more useful for toxins.

Pepper Spray Gun
Holy Crap, I want one of those!

Also, from what I've been told by an LEO, you can spray mace on clothing, and it will still cause irritation if donned later. Say a cop chases some bad sort out of their squat or something, and they are felling surly and vindictive since they didn't make an arrest. Douse their clothes, and go on your way.
How widely used is actual mace, though? I didn't think civilians were even able to buy it. Or did he mean that about pepper spray?

Even in pistol shape, that's not the Pistols skill.
Cold Steel's Inferno Spray is a good representation of Pepper Punch. I'd use either a straight defaulted skill or place it with some DMSO and a slap patch and enjoy the +2 dicepool for a Touch Attack. It's also a good representation of how cheap and easy it is to obtain and it even has a page for the legality of the item.
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