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Full Version: Flechette Rounds
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Ok, this may be picking at straws but something is bothering me. I have a copy of SR3 (12th ed. if anyone cares) and I am reading about flechette rounds.

On page 116 it states that the higher of ballistic or 2*impact armor is used against flechette rounds.

On page 280 it states that the rounds "... will cut through standard ballistic armor."

So, which is it? Do my players get to bypass ballistic armor or not. Personally I don't care I just wanted to get some other thoughts on this.

If it truly does by-pass ballistic, then the Ares Viper Silvergun will most likely be getting new use... wink.gif

- theartthief
May i suggest you do a search on the topic for this has been brought up before..............
The rules are on p. 116. The text on p. 280 (gear section, right?) is most likely flavor text or description.
Austere Emancipator
Yeah. Just stick to the rules of Flechette ammo. If you start thinking about it, your head's gonna explode.
By "cutting through" I think they mean that no special penalty is applied. If you want you could reduce ballistic by 1/2, but most of the time twice impact is going to be the value used anyway.

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