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Full Version: Prejudice (Spirits) and Incompetant (Conjuring)
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Offshoot from the other thread.

1) With Prejudice, how would you classify spirits? I'm inclined to put them as a 5bp version, since they really aren't that common. Certainly common to a Shadowrunner (Well, some) but not much else.

2) Incompetant (Conjuring skill group) as a negative quality. Spirits are incredibly versatile and you can do all sorts of terrible, terrible things with them. Aside from the saved karma from the skill groups, there isn't a lot to recommend it. Or am I overestimating how valuable a spirit can be to a Shadowrunner? (Or an ally. Banishing is really a bit.. meh, compared to just slamming them with anti-spirit spells.)
Well, being Incompetent in Conjuring is three 5pt NQs. Banishing optional, given the Prejudice.

I'd make it a Common prejudice; whether something is common is relative to the character/PCs, not to average people in the setting.
Spirits are not "a group of people". I would not award BP for such a quality.
Doc Chase
QUOTE (Ryu @ Nov 4 2010, 01:32 PM) *
Spirits are not "a group of people". I would not award BP for such a quality.

Buttercup as a spokespirit would have words with you.
QUOTE (Ryu @ Nov 4 2010, 08:32 AM) *
Spirits are not "a group of people". I would not award BP for such a quality.

Sounds like Ryu has a 10BP version of Prejudice against Spirits. nyahnyah.gif
I'm inclined to regard them as a group because of the composure test required to avoid forcing a confrontation with them. It's slightly more lethal than socially awkward - while the Runner may be able to defeat a spirit, they might have to charge it, heedless of the man with the Mach 10 waiting for someone to come out of cover. Etc. While it's not a given, and you can't tell exactly how they'd react and play out a 'confrontation' it's still likely. Plus, if they encounter a mage with an ally spirit, or a patrolling one, or a military mage patrolling with one and their first instinct is to bellow abuse, or even attack it..
Several nations and megacorporations grant citizenship to Free Spirits. The UN is taking it's time, as usual.
I once considered Prejudiced (Spirit Conjurer, Outspoken)
One problem with such a choice is that it basically forces the whole party to go without spirits and reduces their options when facing them to boot. I don't see someone who intensely dislikes the buggers associating with someone who's summoning them. That means you can't have another magician making up the loss, even as an 'expert for hire' NPC.

So you'd better make sure the other players and the GM are OK with the notion first.
I am the GM. Which is really unsettling. While it isn't a character option for any of mine, it was a curiousity, and an afterthought compared to the 'How screwed is someone with incompetent (conjuring, banishing, binding), which was my primary question and not something I wanted to post in the other thread.
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