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Full Version: Reflex Sights
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Howdy all. I am working on a new Mako catalog and several of the pictures I made have reflex sights on them. I was thinking of including them in the game rules for the weapons using the rules for laser lights. I realize that century-old imaging technology is probably passe, but then optical scopes are older. Anyways what do y'all think?
Reflex sights are faster to use then lasers, the "chase the dot" problem doesn't occur.

But the combat rules are such a total heap of total cluelessness it's hard to make any changes without having the whole tottering pile come crashing down.
I've sometimes described a weapon statted out with a laser sight as having a reflex/red-dot instead. I don't see a huge enough difference in their effectiveness or usage -- especially given the abstract nature of combat to begin with -- in just considering them as the game equivalent of a laser (though only as a top mount accessory).
I've used both extensively in the military. My honest opinion, in terms of rule play you could have it provide the same bonus. They fundamentally do the same thing (i.e. help you aim) they are simply designated in different locations. The only thing I could see is its placement, a reflex sight is not going to be on the bottom slot of the weapon, so it could take up a scope (top slot), though having a reflex sight on a heavy pistol is more feasible than having a scope (unless you're a redneck).
Thanks for the input, guys. I'm thinking I will have the game rules say to treat it as a top-mounted laser sight. I appreciate the help.
Even this guy uses a Reflex Sight.

We've always had them basically be laser sights, top mount only. Minor (obvious) tweaks being that you can't gain the benefit firing from a position where you can't see the sight (around a serious ballistic shield, for example), but you don't project a visible dot. Most people prefer them over lasers if they don't need the top mount for something else.
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