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Does anyone know what happened with the Anniversary Edition Rulebooks (SR4A style Street Magic, Arsenal, Augmentation, Unwired, Runner's Companion)?

Will those still be done?

Not sure I follow you, the only announced 20th Anniversary book is the core rulebook.
I don't think they where ever going to do Anniversary editions of other books then the corebook.
Hmm... I'm pretty sure I have read about other Anniversary Rulebooks as well... I recall reading about Street Magic Enhanced Edition or something like that. smile.gif

Might be that I saw this in an online shop, maybe that was just a false listing then?

What those are, I think, are updated splatbooks with page references in line with SR4A rather than SR4. As far as I know, they're just updated reprints.
So, no nice full-color rulebooks (Street Magic, Arsenal, Augmentation, Unwired, Runner's Companion) then? Ah well... guess it was just wishful thinking. smile.gif

I'm pretty certain there was talk of having Anniversary editions of all the main books.

It might have been what people would like to have, or it might have been future planned products.

But then, that was before it took over a year for the promised Anniversary rulebook to appear, so maybe they were due and then got quietly cancelled.
In the last developer chat Jason answered the question, and said that it was to late in the edition cycle to do the core books in an anniversary edition.
And to be honest, I can't afford to but the same book twice (the only exception to this was SR4A). It would be far easier & more cost-effective to print an Errata updating said book(s) to SR4A. The money thus saved can be put toward newer books & adventures.
Well, eventually the core books would run out of stock and needed to be reprinted anyways.

Ok, so I have to live with the ones I got, then. I guess I can manage that. wink.gif


And it may well be that they considered it before the economic issues hit full force, but now is economically dangerous (hell, shadowrun as a whole seems to have taken a serious back burner vs all things mech).
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