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Full Version: Music companies
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I'm looking for any canon references to music companies, but I'm away from my books. Can anyone please give me a hand?

Thanks! smile.gif
Frag-o Delux
A thread about entertainment. It also has a lot of stuff about music companies. I would list them again but I think we covered them pretty well here.
Among the big boys, Mitsuhama has a whole division Mitsuhama Music and controls Highstar Inc. in North America. Shiawase inherited Fuchi Simsense Studios who used to produce European pop music. I guess other media conglomerate like Ares Global Entertainment or Amalgamated Studios could have a music branch somewhere. In the mid range, I remember Zor Entertainment and Blue Dog Tunes. There are also passing mentions of label names, Aurica/Pollux, Ersatz!, PolyAural and Zazz Zone.
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