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Full Version: BPs for Technomancer Echos
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Was there ever an accepted # of build points for TM echoes in case you wanted to make a TM over 400 points but let them have access to the Echoes to match up with TMs that went up in level the "natural" way.
Well, the conversion for most things is Karma/2. So (assuming the cost to submerge is the same as to initiate, since I'm not too familiar with technomancers) the first submersion would be 13 Karma /2=6.5BP, rounded up to 7. That's the way I would do it anyway, Since the standard rule is no initiating/submerging during character creation.

I've actually seen people that do this generally force the players to buy initiation at 1:1 karma:BP ratio due to how powerful it can be.

Edit: Also, despite this golden ratio, alot of things in chargen don't follow it (Skills, Stats, etc)
Just do BP+Karma if you're making a BP (chargen) + Karma (post-gen) character. smile.gif
QUOTE (Yerameyahu @ Dec 10 2010, 06:31 PM) *
Just do BP+Karma if you're making a BP (chargen) + Karma (post-gen) character. smile.gif

This, pretty much. In the current game I'm in, the GM has awarded either 10BP or 20Karma for completeing 20q's.

Its a good way to round out a character.
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