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Full Version: Are there inherently Resonant character race options?
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So we have Infected, metasapients, free spirits, and probably at least one more character variant I can't recall that all come with an inherent Magic rating, so that none of them can become technomancers.

Are there any races/species for which the inverse is true, such that they are Resonant and cannot take qualities that grant Magic?
I don't think so. AIs come the closest, since they can not be magical, but while they have a number of advantages, they do not have Resonance.
Sprites are basically the same same song as AIs just with a different arrangement. Weirdly enough, in my Unwired PDF I noticed that the new Sprites had both a Response and a RES score (which was equal to their Rating in all cases), although I'm betting that was just a miscommunication of some sort given that it was never repeated when they updated the core Sprites when the SR4A book was released nor did they ever give Sprites anything to actually do with a Resonance score. Still, it would have made a certain amount of sense and fit in fairly well with prevailing trends if they had tied Resonance to a Sprite's Rating much in the same way that a Spirit's Magic is tied to its Force.
some critters in Running Wild have inherent RES. but they're not sapient.
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