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Hello all, I have another project that I would like you to test and give feedback on. In this test we are doing character entry to a database that is a small part of a much larger project I am working on.

The site address is:

For a fun factor I added a page that allows testers to rate characters that have been entered. So enter your favorite characters and see what people think of them!

As always I welcome all comments and encourage you to suggest features that others will find useful.

Note: Keep in mind that though the application tracks aspects of new character creation under Shadowrun 4 rules it is not meant to be a character generator, allowing for characters with any amount of experience to be entered.

Thank you all for your past support on my little projects and I look forward to reading feedback on this project.
I'd recommend posting this again in the Community Projects section because 1) Sorta belongs there, & 2) It won't be bumped off the front page so quickly.
One thing I'd suggest adding to that front page is more than just a note about what it is not. Perhaps include a note about what the application actually is? As it is, it might sound more negative than I'm guessing you intend. nyahnyah.gif
Hm... excellent tool. Just entered a character, but had some troubles.


Have a easy "Back" button opposite to the "next" one.

Excellent listing of stuff. Add Nanosystems and Nanoware. (My first Character i entered has lot Nanosystems and Nanites, no possibility to display them)

For some equipment and Cyberware it is logical to have multiples. For example the character i entered would have TWO Autoinjectores and multiple sets of armour. Also there will be a lot people with multiple sets of guns (maybe slightly different modules)

Allow for displaying multiple "Loadouts", where i can choose equipment belonging to the "loadout"-Slot (one piece of equipment may belong to multiple loadouts). There you should have an armour value and a stealth- value field ready for input (so people can see how much damage the character will absorb in different scenarios, and how hard it is to see/hear him) - Also display the attributes and skills on the same page.

This would allow easy access to characters for use as "Ready-to-field" NPC's in sessions.

Overall: great tool to check for inconsistencies and to have a great overview over your character. I assume i can get the chance to edit characters when it is possible to get a real login?

I somehow got Aeronautical Mechanic without taking it. Also i have gotten a full suite of programs. I was just clicking "next". Had no comlink taken and so didn't bother with programs.

Program cut decimals behind the height (and maybe weight too), this makes my 2.4 Fomori 2 meters tall... Let the user input the height in centimeters then, not meters.

Some misspelled words, (height and weight for example)
Good Idea, tagz... I'm reposting it over in Community projects.
Game2BHappy & Summerstorm thank you for the feedback... I'll post the rest of my replies in the new post.
Firstly I should say that I like the idea of an online database of characters: making characters is fun, and its nice to see other peoples ideas of characters. Its also good when you are going to run a quick game with friends and you can just point them at the database.
Secondly I applaud you for getting the website live even at this early stage: getting feedback from people is far and away the best way to make a good tool

Well done and good luck with it.

Now for the feedback
I started entering a character "Mole".
  • I am not too used to thinking about people in kg and m. I usually rate people in feet / inches and stones/pounds.
  • I like the way to enter positive qualities. It was nice and simple and I could find the ones I wanted to use
  • I couldn't find how to enter race / skills / cyberware / bioware / spells

In addition there was no way to find my way back to my half entered character: I entered some stuff. Moved away from the site. Came back and lost the stuff I had entered.

I would seriously suggest you consider using something like Drupal for this website: it has a steep learning curve but it has awesome modules. You obviously are already happy with php and you can embed your own stuff in, so just go look at a few examples!

Edit: I went back in and tried again to enter skills etc and worked out how to do it. I am leaving the original feedback so that you know I had a problem there

More feedback:
  • When we are entering multiple qualities, I cannot easily see which ones I have entered. I have the total in front of me, but I am entering them by copying from another place its easy to get lost
  • Same feedback for qualities when entering spells. I was trying to copy 12 spells in and got lost
  • Contacts might be groups, and groups have a size modifier
  • I cannot enter manipulation spells
  • When I added spells e.g. Increase Attribute, I couldn't say which attribute had been increased
  • While I was entering the cyberware, I couldn't see what cyberware I had added. So my arm got added twice. I cannot work out how to remove the incorrect arm.
  • I couldn't see how to add the mods to the cyberarm (but prehaps that was me just not finding them)
  • I could only see the results at the end, and I couldn't go back and correct them
  • There was no place to enter free form text so that I could add my own stuff

calculation of knowledge points is way off.
I didn't like having to skip all the gear categories which I won't need anyway.
And I need a "Back" or "Delete" Button, in case I made a mistake.
Thank you all for the feedback, I moved the thread over to community projects and will be posting replies there

here is a clicky:
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