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Making a new tradition for my mage, since she didn't quite fit in, and the GM liked the idea, but I'm stumped on what the second attribute for drain should be. Any comments or help is appreciated.

Lonneduir (Path of eternity)

Their core belief is that science strives to understand the body of creation, magic is the key to glimpsing into it's soul. Also the beliefs of each tradition offer up some small piece of the puzzle, and each is a strp towards enlightenment.

The enlightenment that they seek is the glimpse into creation's soul.

Combat : Beast
Detection : Guidance
Health : Plant
Illusion : Water
Manipulation: Task
Drain : Willpower + ??

A small tradition that seeks to uncover a pure magical system by distilling all others to their core belief and paradigm. It makes them highly eclectic, but with a focus on the spiritual nature of magic.

By nature, this system is a hodgepodge of styles and trappings drawn form it's numerous parents. Their Lodges can be elaborate systems of runes or vast hermetic libraries, or even the cave paintings of the aborigines.

They believe that the universe itself is a sentient being and that all spirits, including the astral forms of metahumanity are parts of this greater whole.
It sounds a bit like Intuition is the key attribute there, then. If it basically doesn't matter what form your libraries take because you're culling the fat, it seems a bit like a 'whatever works' kind of tradition.
I would agree with Adarael.

It fits well as you will want lots of assensing and perception with a description like that. The other choice is Logic, but that doesn't seem to fit with the search for enlightenment.
Intuition sounds about right to me. Does sound abit Chaos mage but more shamanic to their hemetic.
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