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Full Version: Enchanted items.
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Okay, everyone that's read MITS noticed the Healing Potion, Mana Bomb thing, and the like, well, I want to hear about some of the fun items others have created.

For example (You'll have to forgive the lack of stats, but I'm at work and don't have access to all my stuff)...

Enchanted coin, credstick, piece of paper/cup/other litter, or just about any easily overlooked item. Detect Lifeform (or specific individual, if you know who you want to screw with), Shape earth. Kind of a fun "Portable Hole" sort of effect. wink.gif

What other fun stuff do you out in Dumpshock Land have to offer?
Detect Detonation and Physical Barrier, anchored to a grenade. That's THE example of the Chunky Salsa Effect! grinbig.gif
That's fantastic, SimonW2000!!! Put it on a minigrenade and air-time it into someone you hate (many thousands of nuyen hate)

The best I've ever come up with is detect life (specific person) + shapechange (goldfish) on a public street the target often walks down, or detect enemies + invisibility (for anti-sniper, life-saving protection).
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