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Full Version: What are your thoughts?
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So I figured that being able to see what happened in the past would be useful. Using the rules in SM, this is what I came up with:

Detection Spells
Past Sight (Passive, Psychic)
Type: M Range: LOS Duration: S DV: (F/2)+4
With this spell, the subject is able to see past events in a range of (magic)x2 meters. 1 net hit gives only auditory events. 2 gives only visual. 3 gives visual and auditory. 4 gives auditory that all can hear. 5 gives visual that all can see. 6 gives visual and auditory that all can see and hear.

Thoughts? Opinions?
Sounds like the Divination, or whatever it was called, metamagic in spell form i think O.o
Psychometry. And as is, no. Psychometry is a metamagic technique, not some random trick any wizkid can pull off. It would be like making a spell that allowed you (or some one else) to Astrally project.

But, in an effort to not be all nay-say, I would switch the LOS to Touch. I would make it merely (Magic) meters, and the only one getting input is either the caster, or the person it is cast upon.

Unfortunately I would still say nay, since as mentioned, there is already a metamagic technique. But this would at least make me ponder it for a moment and think the player is really trying to not be a munchkin : )~.
I didn't even think to look in the metamagic section.

Goes to show what lack of sleep and a cold will do to you. smile.gif
That was harmless.
Look at the list of stuff dumpshock is no longer allowed to do in shadowrun for some more extreme examples ^^
by the way, welcome aboard, feed the trolls, don't stand under drop bears and don't take it too seriously ^^
I've seen some of the stuff. 0__0

Thanks for the welcome and advise.
Psychometry is only good at picking up things like emotional impressions, not full video and surround-sound.

I'd say no because it's more precise than the metamagic, and also because it's dangerously close to time-travel. Especially with no boundaries.

As you have it written, it doesn't seem impossible to view all the way back to the Big Bang. It's like a security camera that never goes away -- which of course raises the question, how would you ever find exactly what you wanted to see?
Add in a constraint for time, I suggest 10 minutes per hit, though 15 or 30 could work as well, make the spell contingent on the caster having psychometry or better yet make it a metamagic with psychometry as a prerequisite. Reduce range to Touch and the area as just magic attribute meters instead of magic X 2 and I would allow it, but as a spell? Borders on munchkiny in the wrong way. Every sec mage would be taught this as part of their training as you have it written.
Double post, sorry.
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