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Full Version: A couple of quick questions
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So, I haven't played SR4 in a couple of years, and am currently running a D&D 3.5 game for my gaming group. However, we're about to wrap up a fairly major story arc in that game, and I've announced that we're going to pause the D&D game for a few weeks while I run a short Shadowrun storyline that I've been kicking around in my head.

It's been a while, so I have a couple questions that I'd appreciate getting answers to while I plot all of this out over the course of the next couple of weeks.

#1: How do you determine the physical size of a given vehicle?

I've been having trouble finding the rules for putting vehicle sizes into scale. I thought there was a chart or something based on the Body rating of the vehicle, that gave an approximation of the size. However, no luck so far in turning it up - so maybe I just imagined it.. but if anybody has that information, I'd be very grateful.

#2: If the physical size ratio is even vaguely proportional, does the community at large think that the new Dassault Paynal released in MilTech Spec has enough lifting power to pick up, say... a Zugsmachine trailer filled with cargo?

Assuming, of course, that the Paynal was retrofitted with a SkyCrane style cargo lift mechanism, do you think that it has enough thrust in it's VTOL engine setup to fill the role of a combat heavy lifter? I myself think that it's feasible.. but given that I can't find anything to put the Paynal into scale and determine it's size, I'm not entirely certain.

I apologize for rambling - maybe next time I should turn OFF the podcasts while typing, eh?

You have my thanks in advance for your help,

1) It's roughly the size of the real vehicle that it's modeled on. A pick-up truck is about the size of a pick-up truck. A motorcycle is about the size of a motorcycle. An Ares Citymaster is about the size of a small RV.

2) No clue. If it's convenient to the plot, sure.
Awesome, thanks.

I just wanted to make sure that my players weren't like "Well if you look at *obvious-yet-overlooked chart A* you'll see that there's NO physical way that can happen."

Not to say that I refrain from using GM Fiat when needed, but I prefer to be able to back my actions with the rules - not thwart them.
Body in no way relates to size. Nothing does, really. So no need to worry. You say it works, it does.
Body *does* relate to size, just not in any useful or sane way. biggrin.gif

Body does occasionally relate to the carrying issue, though. Body is used for Strength with vehicles, and Body is also used to (roughly) determine the size of carrying things. Under the Special Equipment mod, we get this:
A special cargo hold with specific requirements would have a slot cost of about a quarter the Body size of the goods that would fit inside it.
And slots are based on Body. No, don't think about it too hard or you'll get matryoshka vehicles. smile.gif
I, for one, have nothing against matryoshka vehicles, da, comrades. Also, upgrades for upgrades of cam upgrades for smartgun addon. Oh, and underbarrel underbarrel guns.
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