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OK, I know. Everyone knows, but I'm not sure. Tell me if this is right.
Each device, including cyberware needs the nuyen.gif 50 skinlink attachment to work. Then, the wireless on each of these components (Smartlinked guns, mage goggles, stress reducing massaging pants, etc) can be turned off, but they'll still be fully integrated into the PAN.
Right? It seems too easy, so I'm asking. Thanks.
Yep, that basically sums it up.

Edit: You can think of it like the wireless card for a desktop. It isn't standard, but you can get it if you want it, and then don't have to use the plugged in wire any more. For this, you buy the 'skinlink card' for your devices, and then don't have to use the wireless any more.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
And the Only pieces of 'Ware that need the Skinling modules are those that you want to use to communicate with devices outside of the body. An Internal COmlink, Datajack or Cybereye Suite would likely be all that is needed, as all the other "ware in your body is hardwired into your body through DNI. No need for it there. I personally go with the Datajack, myself.
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