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Full Version: Getting someone IN the game
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I'm trying to put together a new group for gaming and we have one guy who keeps coming around and wants to be part of it.

The problem is this guy has NO idea what roleplaying actually means. He just couldn't understand why you'd take flaws other than as a BP boost, he didnt play his character even when (as GM) I basically handed him situations tailor-made for character development he just strolled through them and said "Ok, what now?"

He got his start with Warhammer so I cant fault him too heavily, but he doesnt seem to get that the game is more than just stats and numbers and we cant seem to make him understand that.

If he does end up in the game, do you guys have any ideas how to get him to actually play a character rather than just roll around as a giant stat-bloc?
Sounds like the guy needs to learn the effects of social engineering. Put him at severe disadvantages and make him work out in game how his character/ stat block can make it out. That and giving him credit for thinking (aka in things where there arent necessarily rolls to be made) which translates into game success.

I find when I have new players that the biggest hitch is getting past the "you can do anything, what would you like to do?" question where you get the blank look and the oh shit let me see my stat sheet response.

I only once had trouble with a guy like this who couldnt come to terms with his character/ roleplaying. In order to solve the issue I killed off his character with a sniper blah blah blah etc and then gave him a character with amnesia and a few other nasty qualities. The way I played it was I wrote his character sheet out and gave him a few details printed out that he knew about himself. He learned to roleplay in order to figure out what he could do/ who he was and loved the game after that. When you take away the stat sheet and make them play it out then most often they actually learn how to make good rp characters themselves.

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