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Prime Mover
Some discussion in Street Legends topic about making or converting prime runners. I mentioned a conversion I did back with 4th ed came out. Here is whats left of my notes I think the math totals are all there but my calculations are missing from what I found. Pretty much straight conversion using 4th ed conversion document with a few minor additions and some advancement. He's pretty one dimensional but still dangerous.
I didn't add any gear I figure he gears up according to the job at hand. (Did include an armor jack and some form fitting in basic b/i.)


B A R S C I L W M Edg Ess Init IP
4(7) 5(8 ) 8(11) 4(8/11) 2 5 5 3 11 4 2.28 13(16) 4
Condition Monitor Boxes (P/S): 10/10
Armor (B/I):23/17

Pilot Ground-4
Ett Corp-2
Ett Street-2
Pistols-6(8 )
Longarms-6(8 )
Stealth Group-6(8 )

Adept Powers:
Improved Reflexes(3)
Improved Pistols(2)
Improved Longarms(2)

Misc: Low Light, Adept Centering (Tai Chi), Carromeleg and Grade 6 initiate.
Qualities: Adept and Ambidextrous.

Bone Lacing(Titanium)
Hydraulic Jacks(6)
Cyber Legs(Armor 4)
Voice Mod

Adrenal Pump(3)
Damage Compensator(9)
Enhanced Articulation
Muscle Augmentation(4)


Gold Ring with Gaelic Runes- Opposed willpower to convince target he never saw Teachdaire. ("I'm not the assassin you were looking for.")
Charisma becomes 8 in situations were rep and resources can be brought to bare. IE Interrogations.

Some math notes from implants / abilities:
+1 Perception
+1 Combat after attacked
+2 Reaction for defense
+3 Body vs damage
+1 B/I
+4 Strength
+1 Physical attacks
Ignore stun +3 str agi rea will
Ignore up to -6 physical penalties if he can do Tai Chi
Looks good I remember from his fluff that sometimes he used knives, but that the skill was left out of his statblock. Maybe you can add it back in?

Oh yeah... YOINK!
Prime Mover
A quick glance over his entry mentions he's just as deadly with a sniper rifle as he is unarmed, no knives. I did almost add armed combat as it seemed to make sense though.

I attempted to convert without too many additions. Did do some Advancement in areas that he was obviously focusing on due to the passage of time.
Hmm okay, my mind isn't what it used to be. I could have sworn there was mention of him walking up to people carving them up and throwing down some kind of mind magic and strolling off.
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