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Full Version: weapon accesories and skills
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If i'm carrying an ares alpha (assault rifle with under barrel grenade launcher) besides the automatics skill for the rifle would i also need the heavy weapon skill for the grenade launcher? my hunch is that i don't, that the heave weapon skill is for the stand alone grenade launcher and the under barrel launcher is covered as its part of the rifle but i'm tired and don't want to think about it anymore so i'm asking you guys. Thanks again.
You need Heavy Weapons. Your hunch is wishful thinking, resist it. biggrin.gif
Dakka Dakka
Only SR3 and maybe earlier editions had an improved default for such weapons. In SR4 you are stuck with AGI-1 for the underbarrel grenade launcher unless you have the Heavy Weapons Skill.
Damn smile.gif oh well, maybe i can scrounge a few points to put into heavy weapons. thanks guys
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