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I hope there are plans to setup a more fluid method of donation in the future, with options and information and shit. I think I donated to something for the first time recently because of how easy and informative this one site I came across was for Nuka Break Episodes...

Hopefully that is a decent example, I went with a Ranger of the Wastes IIRC.

Its kinda like the thing you brought up regarding a character, that kind of stuff, perks if you will, attracts donations like crazy. If that character thing was like part of my poster profile here, with aliases and a character sheet...

Just sayin, and I hope this sayin helps. IMHO, community funding can be pretty damn sweet.
I sent mine in, Ggodo isn't a character, but here's the one I'd like Dumpshocked:


Bio: Former Lone Star detective, current Fixer, 40 years old. Married, one daughter. Lost SIN in the Crash of 64 ran the shadows. Regained his SIN and job in 71, lost the job in 72 when KE took over. Holds a grudge against KE.

Expertise: Organized Crime, Narcotics, Police and security

Educated, but rough, speaks with slang left over from the Fifties, because that's when he was real nova drek. Occasionally talks about "Back in my day. . ."
*Sighs* Lots of old timers it feels... frown.gif

Yes, I'm going to complain. Again. About seeking a game out for 20-years and never being able to play!
I never played until last spring, but I read, oh did I read. Your time will come. I just have to GM every game I want to play.
Yeah, same. I finally broke down and bought the 4th Edition rules and ran it myself... Too bad I don't have my group any longer.
I've still got mine, we're going to finish DOTA whenever I can find a copy of four.
Hocus Pocus
pg-13 friendly?

are avatar pics showing busty babes acceptable? or 2 hot chicks making out?
As long as it's Shadowrun Appropriate. I think I saw a pic from one of the books that has that. wink.gif
You know, I forgot about the avatar thing, I should find one I like.
My 10 bucks is better late then never I assume. Gotta support the place thats been an occasional home for over a decade now.
MK Ultra
I will chip in on the weekend - unless I forget about it, so keep this thread on the front page wink.gif
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