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Full Version: Technomancer RAW Optional Rules
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Does anyone (*anyone*) use the 'Resonance Difference' optional rules from Unwired, p137? I'd never noticed them before, and they strike me as an incredibly bad idea. They basically make emergent entities totally invulnerable in the matrix, except against other emergents… right?
I've yet to actually play a technomancer, but this is basically the interpretation of everyone in my group as well.
The rule says outright "This is a definite advantage for technos", so unless your group thinks technomancers are weaker than hackers and need a random huge boost, yeah broken.
Right. It's just that it's an *incredible* advantage, not just a definite one. smile.gif I'd never really looked at it, so I was wondering if anyone else had.
Oh, I'd maybe use that for some GodModeNPC, but Timmy the Techno ain't touching it.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
I have considered bringing it up, becasuse of the Optional Rule we use currently (Logic+Skill (Program Hits)), but have yet to do so. Honestly, a Technomancers biggest ability is to be able to hack without Gear or Programs. They also get Sprites and Echoes, which is a big advantage already. The "Resonance Difference" would be a big boon, either way, in my opinion, and likely overpowering.
It's just do categorical. Take a look: *cannot* be detected as a node, *unbreakable* encryption, etc. Jesus.
If you wanted to be a dick you could go:

"Okay, technomancers are different. So they can't be tracked by hackers, can't be attacked by hackers, etc. But unfortunately, since you are different, it is hard for you to attack hackers, and impossible track down non-living-nodes, etc"
Technomancers get kinda dicked over by the rules in the initial, but the alternate rules are a bit too much affirmative action IMHO.

Requiring 2 sets of skills for the same stuff just seems a little much, especially on a character that is already a Karma sink.
You only need one set, you're not using the mundane ones. smile.gif
TMs are strong enough in the matrix already. What they need is a boost in playability/survivability outside of the matrix at chargen, not matrix godmode.
That has nothing to do with Technomancers per say, it is more about the BP system.
It is stupid not to start with GOD of matrix and snail in the real world, because becoming GOD in the matrix takes a lot of Karma.
Getting from snail to lets say the avarage face considering firepower, takes much less.
Going over biowire it is even cheaper.

I mean:
Get an elf, with Logic 5, Charisma 7 and Ressonance 5 and 10 Programms raiting 5.
You got yourself 400 Karma for 170BP. (Not to mention, that logic gives you 15 BP worth of knowledge skills)
(Taking Res 6 and R 6 progs: 205 BP for 490 Karma)
So if you play it right, Technomancers get out ahead in the BP System (compared to Karma).
Thats quite a strange thing.
You're right, BP encourages overspecialization due to linear costs. Buying CFs with Karma is expensive, while they're fairly affordable in BP.
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