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Full Version: Which Jackpointers would you like to know better personally?
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Lyran is mai Shadowrun waifu, so dibs.

Seriously though. Pistons also seemed like she'd be cool to know (stupid question: what was the connection between her and Fatima? Is it what I'm thinking? She was awful torn up when Fatima bought it). Mr. Bonds always has fascinating business stuff to say. And Red Anya's so delightfully Russian.
In the spirit of the thread Man of Many names. He'd probably throw my ass to the ground and give me a good walloping but hey he's clearly that guy.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
Ahhh... I have dibs on Turbo Bunny then. Would reallly like to get to know here a LOT more personally. smile.gif
I think it'd be interesting to discuss conspiracy theories with Snopes and Plan 9. I love reading those two's battles. Mihoshi Oni because I still want a better look at Fomori. Oh, and Arete, just to see if he really speaks like that in person.
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