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Full Version: Prague source material
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Our sessions happens to take place in Prague alot lately and im curious to find out more about this particular sprawl. So i went through my books again but only found some descriptions in the Sixt World Almanach.
I also searched the internets and rumors tell that in Shadows of Europe are more informations to find, yet i have to add this book to my collection so i wanted to ask if this information is correct.
Furthermore i would be grateful if anyone could give me a hint if theres more out there about Prague of the Czech republic in general.
Schwartzkopf is a different matter although he surely influences the shadows of Prague but as i said, im interested in the city as such.
I believe Shaodws of Europe does have a small section that covers Prague, which is what? A part of the Czech Republic. had to remember there.Schwartzkopf gets a better entry. I'd take the Wikipedia entry and compare it to Shaodws of Europe, the Sixth world Almanac and make it your own. Snag a city map that you use to mod for your group.
A quick search later and now I am posting useful links.
After looking at Prague on Google Maps I realized again what a beautiful city it must be. And for a GM what a great terrain set up Lots of stuff to capitalize upon for driving the game!
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