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Full Version: Edge Question
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This is the Edge rule I'm wondering about:

"You may re-roll all of the dice on a single test that did not score a hit." (P. 74 SR4A)

I'm reading this now, and it seems like it says that spending a point of Edge allows you to re-roll a test that did not score a single hit. That is to say, if I rolled 10d6 and scored 3 hits, I could not spend a point of Edge to re-roll the other 7 dice. But if I rolled 10d6 and scored no hits, I could spend the Edge and re-roll all ten dice.

Which is the correct interpretation?

Yeah, that is some poor sentence construction. It's your first interpretation: you get to re-roll all your failures. But you don't have to have all failures in order to re-roll. smile.gif
This question should be added to the FAQ page.
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