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Full Version: I got two guns...One fer each of ya.
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Is there a TN modifier for quick drawing two pistols (or whatever) at the same time? I haven't seen a canon reference.
I think so...It's somewhere in the BBB (corebook). But I forget exactly where. I think it's in the Initiative section of the combat section...
A Clockwork Lime
I'm not aware of any such rule beyond, maybe, applying the Using Two Firearms penalty (+2/+2 TN penalty unless you have the Ambidexterity edge). It's never been an issue in any of the games I run, though. They have enough problems using two guns at the same time as it is.
Herald of Verjigorm
By strict rule interpretation, quickdraw changes the time to draw a weapon from a simple action to a free action and you get one complex (or two simple) and one free action every time it is your turn. You could easily avoid this by quickdrawing one at the end of the turn of the previous character and the other gun during your own turn.

If you roll for each, you should be able to draw as many weapons as you have appropriate holding capability. If someone tries to nit-pick you out of it, just start drawing your guns on other people's actions.
It's not like this is some obscure reference buried away as the ass end of nowhere.

The rules for quick drawing two guns at once are the paragraph below the ones for drawing a single gun. First paragraph of pg 107 BBB for quickdrawing one, paragraph below that for quickdrawing two.
ah, give 'em a break. in SR, when the rules are where you'd expect them to be, it throw you off.
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