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Hi. I'm trying to get a SR game going and the subject of rats came up. I chimed in that SR had a couple of types of rats even worse than normal ones. I got asked what they do. So I looked in Critters and found the Devil Rat. It took me a little bit to recall the name of the other, but then I couldn't find it.

Can anyone direct me to the Demon Rat listing? Older editions is fine, and likely where it is hiding. (Darn thing probably has concealment power.)
I want to say YotC. I'm remembering them being a beefed up version of the Devil Rat, similar appearance but larger.

Edit: Yep-YotC, p. 143 RAT
Demon rats have a very high animalistic intelligence and are quite cunning. They will often travel in swarms, leading devil rats as well as mundane rats with them in search of
food. Smaller swarms (under a dozen rats) will hunt using stealth, relying on the devil and demon rats’ concealment powers. Larger swarms will often attack en masse,
relying on numbers to take down their prey.
SR3, Year Of The Comet, page 143.
SR4, Running Wild, page 152.
Thanks a ton guys, for the fast awesome answers! biggrin.gif
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