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Full Version: Vehicle Sensor Upgrade
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Vehicle Sensor Upgrade (All)
This modification improves the vehicle sensor rating by +1. The modification can be taken more than once, up to a maximum sensor value of 6.
(Note: use the new sensor value for calculating cost, threshold and aviability).
Slots: 0
Threshhold: Sensor Rating*5
Tools: Facility
Cost: Sensor Package Capacity*Sensor Rating*125
Aviability: Sensor Rating *4
Special Skill: Hardware

Any thoughts on this modification? I used "Sensor Package Capacity" for the calculating price to scale the sensor coasts a bit with the amount of the vehicle sensors.
Um. Is this meant to replace the existing sensor upgrade rules entirely?

Because it's not actually all that hard to get Sensor 6 with the existing system.

yes, it is meant to replace it - way less micromanagement.
Does this make it too hard, though? Avail 24 isn't nothing, and it's way more than the subsidiary sensors are.
QUOTE (Yerameyahu @ Mar 8 2012, 01:11 PM) *
Does this make it too hard, though? Avail 24 isn't nothing, and it's way more than the subsidiary sensors are.

Maybe it was intended to be limiting factor? A 'cost' for getting a sensor package suited for your specific vehicle model?

What if you tied the availability to that of the vehicle? lower end vehicles would be easier to upgrade (more parts/upgrade kits are available on the market) and things like T-Birds, fighter jets and container ships would be much harder to upgrade (we had to steal these SOTA sensors from a Fed-boeing factory!).

Or maybe just limit it to Avail = Rating * 3
Sensor Rating * 4 isn't too bad.

You could then get Sensor upgrades to 3 at chargen, up to 5 with Restricted Gear.

You'd need a 21 dice pool in Negotiate (Bargaining) to get Sensor 6 in play, but that's not actually that hard considering you get to add up to Charisma in Street Cred as bonus dice, and up to 10 more dice on top of that by spending extra money.

My point is that it seems much harder than rating 6 sensors *currently* are, though. smile.gif So I'm asking if that's intended, and how it jives with how easy it is to get the identical sensor in your handheld.
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