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Full Version: Spirits and Stun Damage
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Had a fire spirit that found itself in the middle of a stunball. My question is this.

Are spirits considered living creatures and thus affected by Stunball, or not?

Forgive the newness smile.gif

---Oh, and what happens when a spirit is knocked out from stun? Does it poof?

Sorta. It can no longer sustain its Materialization (or Possession) power, so it becomes Astral and just sort of sits there.
Living: yes. Totally, more than most metahumans *g*

But no: it won't go astral. It will get disrupted. Bye-bye to home (some meta-plane). It might come back after 28 (if i am right, a full lunar cycle) - Force days. (Can be sped up by summoning it again (net hits helps getting it faster, one for a day??)

Might be off a bit (Going from memory here) but one fact: You won't get it back so fast, after you blew it up.
Huh, oddly enough, the rules just refer to "condition monitor." So spirits that are knocked out actually do get disrupted. My mistake.
Sweet, that means i ran it right! smile.gif

Luckily for my bad guy (this was his introduction episode) my players didnt ram through the door with their van, so he had a chance to go invis, summon up his little helper and escape out the back way while they were all tied strike another day! (insert evil laugh here)

---p.s. Thanks for the help!
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