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Full Version: Anyone has the SR4 Conversion of Rigger 3 vehicles..?
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Hi fellow Dumpshockers.. cool.gif

I have been looking like crazy for CrakkerJakk's "SR4 Conversion of Rigger 3 vehicles" pdf which was hosted by Knasser.

Unfortunately all the links I have been able to find, is broken, so I wondered if anyone here has the pdf or the excel spreadsheet, and would be willing to share...?

CrakkerJakk's original post

Raven the Trickster
I have a version of that, not sure if it's CrakkerJakk's or someone else's though
Thanks a lot Raven.. smile.gif

It says SR4 Vehicles by CrakkerJakk, at the top, and looks like the work mentioned in the posts.

You just saved me a lot of conversion-time, thanks again...

Grinchy McScrooge
I'd like to add my thanks as well. I recently found myself looking over my copy of Rigger 3 (revised) and shuddering at the prospect of having to convert the vehicles to 4A myself. As in, I do RPG rules conversions horribly. dead.gif

EDIT: I should add that I haven't posted (or even visited) the forum since late August because of school commitments, so was a little startled when I noticed that my forum avatar is the exact same pic I just cropped and posted as my Facebook profile pic this morning. I think the SR spirits are trying to tell me something...
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