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Full Version: Combi gloves
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Had someone playing a unarmed combat specalist ask about having a set of combi gloves, one part shock gloves with one part hardliners.

Thinking about it I came up with a pair of gloves with the hardliner parts on the knuckles and the shock parts on the fingers / palm. with a wireless connection to let you turn the shock mode on and off (free action)

Name Combi Glove
DV = 5S(e) or (strength/2+1)P depending on mode
AP = -half or 0 depending on mode
Avaliability = 4R
Cost = 400

Works as both but not at the same time so you have to take a action to switch them over as need be.

What do you think?
I think that the underbarrel weapon mod, in this case, perfectly represents mushing electroshock pads onto hard punchy gloves.

Choose one as the base item, pay the standard price to combine one with the other.
Where's the barrel of a glove? nyahnyah.gif

It seems fine, though. After all, you could just wear one of each; the combat system doesn't care too much.
What you may consider, and what i did on one of my characters.

Shock gloves
-Melee hardening
-Smartgun system (just to give it a decent brain, interface with your image link so you can see available charges and other info as well as disabling shock function)
-skinlink (so you don't have to deal with wireless, as soon as you put them on they are active)
-Gecko grip (this one i did some judicious GM reasoning that the gecko strips are on the outside, not the inside. And since the gecko grip can be turned on/off by command, its better than normal gecko gloves)

If the gecko grip part is too much of a stretch for you or your GM, leave it out.
For a larf, just install a set of microsensorics too. So you have First Person Trideo of you punching stuff!
My other fun combo for those that played fallout tactics or Fallout: New Vegas

Hardliner gloves
-Underbarrel Shotgun
--melee hardening
--smartgun system

When you punch someone, it fires the shotgun at point blank range...
And you get to see the target dodge it no problem.
Meh, it happens. Its still fun
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