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How does this rule interact with passive dice throws, ie. Analyse to detect enemies, Shield/Armor to not get geeked, Stealth in case of detection, ECCM in case of jamming? Or anything else I might have forgotten. Cause as long as these ain't threaded, they are at 0. So Technomancers are blind as long as they don't actively thread Analyse? Along the same lines, how do Sprites without Analyse "see"'?
well, not everything requires a perception test to see. i'd say it's the same in the matrix. you don't need a perception check to see a guy in a bright yellow jumpsuit in the middle of a green field singing badly at the top of his lungs with a megaphone, likewise, you don't need an analyze check to notice there's a node somewhere, unless the node is being actively hidden.

also, i'm pretty sure they didn't bother to consider the implications of the rule change. humorous as it would be to watch technomancers spontaneously erupt in a shower of blood and gore due to having decided their default analyze (obviously, there will be times when the GM can't tell you there's a perception check, which means you need to have a default) will be set to 6 when a whole bunch of hidden icons just passed through, i don't think it would be good for the game.
Didn't get how that rule was supposed to help technos be less restricted, it does the opposite.
and the tweaks in the TM chapter is the opposite, broken as all hell.
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