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Full Version: 'Tir Tairngire' in english
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Have an idea for a future campaign idea that would be taking place down in Elfland, and I got really curious as to what 'Tir Tairngire' actually means in english. Has anyone read about it's meaning in one of the books?
It means 'Land of Promise'
Of course, that promise is only for Elves, not Orks and Trolls ("Trogs"), nor Humans ("Breeders"). Dwarves kind of get a bye, but still aren't the pointy-eared Master Race ...
It's based loosely on old Irish myth, but it really translates to "Oregon with elves"
Cool, thanks.
"The place with the small orange-colored citrus fruits."
And the delicious cherries that ... uhm ... what was I talking about again? How did I get here? Where am I? Who am I?!

And going by it's constitution, not practice, it is the Land of Promise for everybody but humans. Of course, it only really is for Elves and, to a lesser degree, Free Spirits, Nonhumans and Dwarfs.
Free Spirits are welcome there, then? I play one, who is in LA at the moment, so just wondering.
It seems they are, by Running Wild. They can get citizenship and stuff. Elves go well with spirits, by the setting's background.

Also, the poor spirit. Everyone is posing on Pita, which is a requirement to be taken seriously, and it's left out, to rot in a toxic or near-toxic environment No wonder your spirit wants to emigrate.
Well, there are a few other Free Spirits in LA according to the fluff, one who runs a high class nightclub high in the P 2.0 stratosphere. I've been subltly hinting to the GM that there realy should be more areas of background count than my PC has been suffering. I've been mapping flight paths to avoid the worst of it.

My PC is of the Aztec tradition, and there is a magician out in the desert who has been helping me learn spells, and a 'New Age' spiritual retreat outside of Las Vegas where I have been initiating. Personally, I'd like to get the GM to send us out into the Anasazi region a bit, just to see what all the fear and fuss is about.
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