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Full Version: Perfect node matrix defence?
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so, i'm currently running a dronomancer technomancer with deadalus as my paragon. The bonus is a +2 on hardware, +1 on either fault or machine sprites, and the negative is that anyone else attemping to use your hardware uses it at rating-2. So could i set up two nodes, first, high firewall, high signal, response and system 2.  Hardwired to it is a node with high response, system and firewall, no signal.  All transmissions get routed through the first node, which just acts as a relay for the signa? Anybody who is not me attempting to access the drone/node will be theoretically unable to connect as the node (at response/system 0) cannot run anything (except for my stuff).

Useable, unuseable, or broken do you think?
1.) Daedalus gives other users a -2 modifier, it does not lower the Device Rating
2.) Signal rerouting just happens without interaction, therefore nothing where the modifers could come into play happens
Huh. Why did I think it lowered device rating? Oh well. Now to figure out a way to make my gm give me that ability.

QUOTE (Shadoweyes @ Feb 9 2013, 06:58 PM) *
Huh. Why did I think it lowered device rating? Oh well. Now to figure out a way to make my gm give me that ability.


Before you do that you may want to think about that. If you can do it, then your GM might go: "You know, Shadoweyes is doing this, so I can do it too."
There's that, and also that the -2 DP penalty isn't limited to everyone but you, it's limited to only those who aren't Daedalus technomancers. Every other Daedalus technomancer will wholly get the arcane styled interface, just like you.

Also note that the penalty is for "... anyone who wants to legitimately use it." Hacking into the node isn't exactly legitimate.
hmm... good points... Oh well, time to go find another way.
The Mad Fool
The easy way to make your commlink unhackable by non-Technomancers is to just slave it to your Biological PAN. That doesn't protect you from TMs, but pretty much nothing protects you from TMs. Although one thing you can do is Register the biggest Sprite you can (make sure it has a good Analyze pool) and then Link it to patrol your Biological PAN. You pretty much only have to do this once a year, and it means that a Technomancer or Sprite trying to hack you (already a really hard thing to do due to +6 Threshold for admin account) gets to have Fun With Black Hammer™.
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