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Full Version: Venturing and Gaining online in 4e
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Watching some Sci-Fi and I thought of this. Should you be able to take a quality that has both positive and negative aspects?

Improved Link-positive quality-10 bp-in any situation where you are in AR gaining a bonus to any computer related roll you may gain a bonus of up to 3 dice for your pool. However if you take any damage while in AR you opponent gains that much bonus to the damage amount.

thoughts gang?

BTW, this is part of my blog ThroatPunchGames If you get a chance, check it out and give me feed back on any of my other ideas.
Seriously, could you ditch the attempts to promote your blog? Even if you did at least put something before it this time.

Regarding your suggested quality, I'm not a fan. The positive and negative aspects don't really seem linked at all. As it is there are several qualities that have both up and down sides. There's nothing wrong with them.
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