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Full Version: Augmentation, Unwired, Reprints/New Covers
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Pepsi Jedi
Had a query for you guys.

I've got the original versions of Unwired and Augmentation. I know they have new covers now, I'm curious as to if there's new information, and if so how much? The sale is going on now for PDF's and while I have hardcopy and PDF's for the original versions I'm curious as to if I should pay for the new ones. Or if they are just new covers on 100% the same material.
If you have PDFs of the originals and you bought them from either Drive-thru or Battleshop, then you should be able to just download the new versions for free.
Mostly, the reprints correct the page number references for SR4A and update a few prices for things like Skillsoft Clusters. Otherwise, there isn't anything 'new' per say.
Not really new info from what I've noticed, but all the page references to the core rule book are updated to SR4a so you can actually find the stuff.

Edit: Ninja'ed
The new Augmentation does have the clarification that Genecrafted and Genetic Heritage aren't compatible printed in it.
Pepsi Jedi
Thanks guys!
If you bought them from the battleshop (, you should check the checkbox for news regarding the item at the end of the purchase process (you can probably change the settings later, too).

Then you get a mail, when a new/updated version is available.

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