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Full Version: Converting Technomancer Extras
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So, I really enjoy playing Technomancer's and I am getting into SR5 a bit more with each passing day, so I decided to start converting some of the crunch material from Unwired (and eventually the other core rulebooks) into the ruleset for SR5. I started with the Technomancer chapter from Unwired, so I will post what I have here and get feedback from you all as I go along.

*Unconverted Material:
-Echoes: Amplification, Biowire, Acceleration, Immersion (renamed Mind over Machine to Immersion), Multiprocessing, Sparky, Mesh Reality, Resonance Exchange

*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~*Block of Text Incoming*~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

SR5 Converion of Streams:
[ Spoiler ]

SR5 Conversion of Paragons:
[ Spoiler ]

SR5 Conversion for New Sprites and Sprite Powers
[ Spoiler ]

SR5 Conversion of Echoes:
[ Spoiler ]
Also, I would like to work with others to help create working conversions of the echoes I didn't convert. Biowire is a difficult one, as the fundamental difference in the way complex forms works means a complete rewrite of the power, and until that can be figure out, Acceleration won't work (unless we divorce Biowire as the prerequisite of Acceleration and allow it be bought as a regular echo. Acceleration is easy to convert, +1 Reaction and +1d6 to Physical Initiative, can be purchased up to 3 times).
Good job so far. Just keep in mind that once the Matrix book hits, all of this work will be moot. Well, unless you end up liking your conversions better, that is.
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