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Full Version: Why Katanas?
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Ok, I'm going to start by saying that Katanas are awesome. Even if there were no practical benefits to using one over a kitchen knife, about half of us would still grab them for our runners because Katana.

If you want something that can't be effectively hidden and screams "I'm a shadowrunner", it's either the Katana or the Panther XXL. Outside of a very small set of circumstances, isn't it better to hide the fact that you're a professional criminal?

What I am trying to say is this: Why are so many runners focused on this sword? What is it about the beautiful, finely crafted distinctive curved blade that captures our imaginations so and sets us running around committing crimes with it? For a professional killer there are many other options out there that are somewhat comparable but lack the distinctive bulk.
Katanas are because that's what shows up in the old cyberpunk stuff back when "Japan is going to own the world in a few years."

That said, I don't know anyone who ever took one. I remember one guy who had a character with some kind of crazy axe. But nobody with swords. Melee in SR is a terrible option anyhow, smart people use ranged weapons. If I'm going to smuggle in a pound of steel past security it's going to be a gun barrel, not a sword.
White Buffalo
There can be only one..... reason. The Highlander. Duncan Macleod, was responsible for more sword envy than any other factor in my youth, That said, the show has aged terribly and my characters take firearms now.

Vorpal Katana of Sparking +5
Come on guys, there's a 86 post duplicate of this topic, no need to post into this one.
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