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Full Version: SR5: Hot VR Matrix Action Bonus is?
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QUOTE (page 230)
When you are in hot-sim VR mode, you use your Data Processing + Intuition as your Initiative and you get +4D6 Initiative Dice (remember that any enhancements or bonuses cannot take you past the maximum of 5D6 Initiative Dice). You receive a +2 dice pool bonus to all Matrix actions, and you take biofeedback damage as Physical damage.

QUOTE (page 266)
If you’re using hot-sim, you get +3D6 (4D6 total) Initiative dice, and a +1 dice pool bonus that applies to all Matrix test (in- cluding Vehicle actions), but all biofeedback damage is Physical damage.

Do I get +1 or +2 to dicepool for matrix actions when in Hot VR? Or do the rules, for some reason, work differently for Riggers jumped into a vehicle than in standard VR?
You might wanna check the errata thread and put that one in there if it isn't already.
Page 230 is about decking, 266 about rigging. So seemingly matrix actions while jumped in with a Control Rig indeed get only half the bonus...makes a bit sense, the CR is optimized for other features than a cyberdeck...
So by current RAW, when a Rigger jumps into a drone/vehicle in hot VR, he uses his meat body initiative with +3d6 and +1 Matrix Action bonus, but when in "normal" hot VR on the matrix he uses matrix initiative +4d6 and +2 matrix action?
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