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Full Version: Need clarification on SINs and permits
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I know the rules for obtaining a permit, but when obtaining permits at chargen do I need to roll or do I just pay the nuyen price? What about using fake SINs? Anyway I can get fake permits?
Personally I have a house rule against rolling during CharGen.

I just try to get the standard price for permits and keep the character honest to his or her origin. For example the military-style mercenary might be able to come up with a permit for his heavy machine gun. The troll ganger not so much.
A Clockwork Lime
As far as I know, the only time you roll during character creation is when you determine your starting nuyen (3D6100) or when creating a ghoul (which is just lame as it clearly goes against the rest of the character creation philosophy).

So no, you don't have to roll anything when it comes to permits.
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