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Full Version: Shadowrun: Sprawl Gangers
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Has anyone heard anything about how Sprawl Gangers is coming along? My local gaming store has a huge TTWG fanbase and a massive shadowrun fanbase, so it's a match made in heaven!
The only "recent" updates that I've seen are in Ravage Magazine notes and such. Not much, tbh.
I haven't heard anything but I'd say it'll be a while, considering that we have yet to see a supplement book or that beginners box that proved too damn big for cgl. My best estimate would be that Gangers is currently and If not a When.

If CGL can find enough time and money to finish Gangers then we shall likely see it several months after Firefight's release. Let's say Fall-Winter 2013...
The latest news from the SR site shows it in play testing still. From the sounds of it thy are still working out bugs and game breakers. The play test info is on the Dev blogs on the site if you have the patients to search them down. Pretty interesting but only if your into the nitty gritty for ttwg development.
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