Ok, so Sim Modules in 5th edition are a thing you get added to your commlink, not a separate device. You don't implant a Sim module either, but you can implant a commlink with a sim module built into it. (Side note: you can have a biomonitor built into your commlink and therefore implant a biomonitor too.)

Cyberdecks come with a Hot Sim module built in, but Rigger Control Consoles (the rigger-deck, not the implant) don't. Vehicle Control Rigs (the brain implants needed for rigging) have a Sim Module built in, but it doesn't specify a Hot-Sim version/add-on, so it's commonly assumed to be Hot-Rigged.

You can have an external or internal Sim-Rig for recording Sim, but the description for it specifies that a Sim Module is needed for it to work, where-as in 4th edition it was built into the sim-rig.

Lastly, Technomancers do VR without a Sim module, but they expressly can only do "hot" sim and not cold sim.

Run & Gun added in an armor/helm capacity option for trodes, sim module, and sim-rig combo too, although building trodes into helmets was already legal.

Have I got all that right? Did I miss any other ways of getting Sim?