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Full Version: Kenshi's ArtAttack! (Almost) 10th Anniversary Edition
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I started the original "One Hour Sketch Challenge" back in March 2005. It's seen a few resurrections since and now, for it's (almost) 10th Anniversary, I present...

Kenshi's ArtAttack - 5th Edition!

For those new to the game, here's how it works:
1. Post a character description. Be specific about how they look. Don't bother with stats. One character per post.
2. Sketches will be produced on a "first come, first served" basis.
3. Please be patient. These are done in my (limited) free time and this thread will fill multiple pages within a few days.

SIDE NOTE 1:As I've stated in previous iterations of this thread, Thank you! You guys have always been very supportive of these little art threads. Thank you for allowing me to show off and give back.

SIDE NOTE 2: Any art that I post is free for you to use as you see fit. All I ask is that if you are going to use it in any distributed capacity, drop me a PM and use proper credit.

With that said, let the games begin...

QUOTE (Sketch List)
Taifun (for Medicineman)
Alouicious Harlan Guthrie (for adamu)
Maya Delacroix (for Tanegar)
Fireprook Ork Brawler (for Grak)
Ok, Kenshi
my first Char is Taifun (Typhoon in English).
Human Male, 170 CM Tall (thats 5' 8'' right ? ) NAN-Poser .He's really an Asian that looks a bit like Tony Jaa
(You should watch Ong Bak !! )
above average STR and BOD and very Agile so he's rather small and Slim
his long Black Hair is held in check by a NAN Bandana with a Crow Feather dangling at the side
he prefers to wear a long dark Brown Western Style longcoat with a Hood .The coat hides his Pistolgrip-Shotgun with a Sling (a Defiant T-250 to be exactly ).
He wears a western style belt with a Tomahawk at his right side, a knife at the left side and a Mescalero style Holster for his Ruger Super Warhawk.He wears leather pants and a belt with a NAN Belt Buckle and a long Sleeve Shirt with the Red Shadowrun Aztec Snake
(also a NAN Style bracelet with a Comlink that is styled like an Eagle Feather but this will be hidden by the Coat )

with a Thank You Dance
Okay, Mr.Kenshi, how can I refuse an offer as generous as yours?

This is my dear friend Alouicious Harlan Guthrie, esquire.

[ Spoiler ]

I hope that is enough detail for you (I am a bit obsessive about ol' Al).
Medicineman> I got a couple of good "thumbnail" sketches worked out. Expect a "finalized" art post later this evening (I'm at work right now).

adamu> Wow... that's a lot of detail! It definitely gives me a good mental image of him.
Maya Delacroix
Female, elf
6'3", slim, toned but not beefy
Delacroix's hair is the rich, deep brown of expensive chocolate, usually cut in a fashion-forward asymmetric bob; her large, almond-shaped eyes are a vivid cerulean. Maya's skin is fair, with a fading tan indicating time spent in the tropics; like most elves, her skin is free of blemishes, apart from a dusting of freckles across her chiseled cheekbones and the bridge of her laser-straight nose. A dimple in the middle of her chin, and a wide, mobile mouth soften an otherwise-severe face. She dresses conservatively, in expensive gray suits whose expert tailoring helps to conceal the big, chunky pistol under her left arm. Her shoes match the suit well enough that not many people notice they're actually running shoes, and Maya's legs are long enough that few can keep up with her at a dead sprint. A big, heavy silver ring set with a star sapphire sits on the ring finger of her right hand: a power focus, if anyone can pierce her masking to see it.

Maya is most often seen in bars and restaurants, preferring to meet the runners she hires in public places. She's a rarity among Johnsons, one who genuinely cares for her contractors. Her manner is warm and friendly; she treats "her" runners like younger siblings, always happy to see them, always with a joke or a kind word. Those stupid or reckless enough to piss her off know a different side of Maya Delacroix: the tireless hunter, the crack markswoman, the mage with a taste for fire spells. Stay on her good side, and she'll make your life easy (well, easier, anyway). Get on her bad side, and you'll live just long enough to regret it.
As promised, Medicineman's character: Taifun

QUOTE ("Commentary")
This took my a total of about an hour but, to be fair, I did cheat a little by knocking out a few thumbnail sketches at work. Hey, I'm just getting back into the swing of this.
Hahah, oh you kidder, there's no way it's been 10 yea--fuck.
Way to go Kenshi. I'd much appreciate my Ork drawn up in your slick style.

Race: Ork
Role: Flyboy/Brawler
Gender: Male
Born: UCAS, Denver
Age: 26
Height: 2 Meters
Build: Typical ork, big n strong.
Hair: Black hair kept in a short cropped mohawk
Skin: Green
Augs: Data jack below and to the rear of his right temple
Clothing: Well worn Aces High jacket, with fireproff seared into the chest.
Weapons: Being a twat, he keeps a stock-less spas 22 slung in his belt like a sword.

Anything else is up to you buddy, artistic license and all that biggrin.gif
Holy Crepes! notworthy.gif You've got some skills! beret.gif That pic is awesome.
QUOTE (Kenshi @ Jul 2 2014, 12:58 AM) *
As promised, Medicineman's character: Taifun

And because Your'e so talented, here's the next one
Orkan (in English Hurricane)
Kind of Taifun's big Brother, but that doesn't matter.
He's a big, impressive Ork > 1,95 (thats 6' 8'' IIRC) weighting 200 Kilos (440 Pd)
from Metropole so his skin is toffee- brownish tanned
Long flowing Black Hair also held in check by a NAN Bandana (no Ponytail, he's got a Lions Mane )
Some Tribal Tatoos at his Schoulders and Neck
He wears Leather pants, Bikerboots (with chains) a chain from his Belt to his Wallet,a biker's Vest with Tribal and Orc Buttons and a Klingon Style Longcoat (No Arms but lots of big pockets )
He recently looted a Viking Sword that's a Weaponfokus
So he wears a Belt with said Viking Sword at his left side , a Kukri at the small of his Back and ( in a leather Fast Draw Holster ) a "Pistol Winchester"

Next up:

Alouicious Harlan Guthrie for adamu

QUOTE (Commentary)
Unlike the previous sketch (which was digital), "Al" is done in good old fashioned ink. This one took me about 45 minutes. From the (extremely detailed) description, I definitely got a "Hellblazer" vibe. The image quality isn't as good as previously. That is due to substandard equipment here at work (This was done over my lunch break).
Sir, you are a craftsman.

Thank you very much.

This character has been in my head for over ten years, but this is the first actual graphic representation I have had (always somehow just miss having him done up by this artist or at that con).

I like what you have done with the face, especially the nose, the whole hawkish element I had not pictured before.

Eye-opening and gratifying.

Very much appreciated!
Not sure if you are doing shapechangers in both forms, but if not either form is fine. smile.gif


In Human form he stands 179 cm (5'10 1/2") and weighs in at 122 kilos (268 lbs).
He does not appear obese as his weight would imply, but rather projects an intense sense of being solid with barrel-chest and thick limbs.
Rather like a dwarf scaled up to human size, although with longer legs being more proportionate to a human.
Appears to be of MesoAmerican descent with brown hair, moustache and beard with hints of grey salted through all kept trimmed to a 1cm height overall.
Hair is receding along the temples abit, creating a pronounced widow's peak.
Dark brown eyes with golden flecks dancing in their depths.

Body sports a web of fine light scarring and deeper pock marks from old wounds/experiments long since healed over.

Attire tends toward grey t-shirt and black or tan cargo pants with sandals.
Wears wire rim 70's style (1970's , not 2070's) AR Glasses.

Carries an obsidian bladed athame.

Drake Form is a green scaled solidly built drake of Western appearance except for two features:

Claws are more articulated, on par with an Eastern style dragon.

Rather than the traditional leather wings, he sports butterfly wings with Monarch butterfly pattern to them. (He believes his maker was a sick S.O.B. or possibly drunk that day)
Entry #3 is...

Maya Delacroix: the Fixer/Johnson from Tanegar

QUOTE (Commentary)
This one came very easily to me. The description by Tanegar painted a very specific picture in my head. However, I did need to google "asymmetric bob". biggrin.gif Final drawing time: 50 minutes
Sweet, art stuffs! The ones posted so far look awesome. Guess I'll toss a request into the pot.

Race: Elf
Role: Technomancer
Gender: Female
Born: Seattle
Age: 16
Height: 1.6 Meters (5'3")
Build: Slight
Hair: Silver half-hawk on the left side (Think Skrillex, but only about shoulder length and spiked left)
Skin: Pale
Visible augs: datajack behind right ear
Clothing: Black clubwear with electrochromic Tron-style lines

Race: Elf
Adept Sniper
Height: 5'10
Low str, med body,
Long brown hair shoulder length, held back in a ponytail.

Wears a long black leather duster, t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, baseball cap, always carries his sniper rifle, usually broken down into a backpack. (Rifle of choice is the Barret)
Thanks for offering your arting skills. I see what sort of style you're working in so I'm just throwing in colors and details and trusting to your judgement. I.E. "He has this hat." I won't be disappointed if you don't draw the hat. I'm just filling in details.

Name: "Patches"
Race: Human
Skin Tone: Pale White (Too many rainy Seattle days I guess)
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6ft
Weight: 200lbs
Build: Broad Shouldered and Well Muscled. Not show muscle though, it speaks as much or more of great endurance and agility as it does lifting capacity.
Hair: Red. Close Cropped and buzzed short.
Eyes: Cyber Eyes vaguely colored green/blue green like his original pair.
Hat: Subdued Urban Digital Camo Boonie
Black Scarf (Useful to avoid lip reading)
Shoes: Black High Top Sneakers
Pants: Black Denim Jeans
Shirt: Black Long Sleeved T-Shirt with "Metallapocadoomageddon" band logo on it (Your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not that is a real band in Shadowrun or some sort of snarky T-Shirt because Google's only result is my thread here asking for build help.)
Weapon: Ares Predator CW (Heavy Pistol) (Page 163 of Hazard Pay for Description. ) in a Quick Draw Holster (holster is probably black, well worn, and synthetic material.)

I know its all "black this" and "black that" which looks much better IRL than in pictures, but that's just how it is.
Thank you much for taking a look!

*Edited to Add Details*
His facial features are fairly rough. A nose that looks like it was broken a few times, a well defined chin. Something like a cross between John Wayne and Sebastian Spence.
QUOTE (Kenshi @ Jul 2 2014, 11:09 PM) *
Entry #3 is...

Maya Delacroix: the Fixer/Johnson from Tanegar

Beautiful! Many thanks!
Name: Oxana "Kill.Switch" Levchenko
Race: Ork
Skin Tone: Caucasian w/ slight tan
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 2.12m
Weight: 90kg
Build: Lithe muscular build, low fat but not 'super cut'
Hair: Black, a bit longer than shoulder length, but kept pulled back in a pony tail.
Face: Right side of face scarred from grenade blast, cheek and jaw with about 4 lines in a rough criss cross pattern.
Eyes: Cyber eyes w/ natural blue color
Visible Cyber: Cyberarm Obvious Right Lower Arm (w/ Cyberarm Gyromount), Datajack
Outfit: Wearing an Urban Explorer Jumpsuit unzipped down to navel. White undershirt visible underneath. Sleeves either rolled up, or upper portion of Jumpsuit tied about waist. Black combat boots.
Weapons: Colt Cobra TZ-120, Survival Knife on boot.

Metatype: Female Elf Adept

Ethnicity: Mixed, with notable East Asian heritage (around 50%)

Build: Slim, Well-muscled but not stocky. Has the lean musculature of a person who is a regular traceuse and martial artist

Description: Standing nearly 178cm, Seven combines vaguely East-asian facial features that accentuate her already elven-delicate features, and pale-fair skin that doesn’t seem to tan more than a couple shades no matter how long she spends under the sun. She has shoulder-length brown-black hair that is usually tied loosely in the back, but when let down has a very slight wave in it, in contrast to completely straight Asian style hair. She dresses functionally, sticking to material that do not overly impede movement, but makes the sacrifice for utility with an armor jacket and shoulder rig pouch-and-bandolier that she uses to carry knickknacks and useful items. Her primary weapons are throwing knives.

The only other distinctive part of her attire is pair of studio-style headphones with a stylized 7 printed on the earpieces, which are always either hanging around her neck, or being worn while she is on-the-move.
Flippin' heck, man, has it been that frigging long?!

As Critias said: fuck.

Well...... Here you go; a character of mine. Actually, two, since the first one is heavily dependent on color to get the full effect, and if you don't feel like going to the trouble of doing that, I'll present a (slightly) more traditional character. Or at least one less polychromatic.

[e]Oh, derp. I just saw the "one character per post" thing.

Well, damn. I'd rather see Zoé brought to life than Emily, but she'd be a stone-cold bitch to color, and without the color she's really just any other elf teenager. So...

Character 2: Emily "Shades" Sansnom. (Yes, it's a pun on the French phrase sans-nom, which means without name.)
[ Spoiler ]
QUOTE (Critias @ Jul 2 2014, 01:21 AM) *
Hahah, oh you kidder, there's no way it's been 10 yea--fuck.

Yeah, same reaction. Madness, madness...
Sorry about the silence. Independence Day here in the UCAS is a big deal in my family (it's my wife's birthday).

However, after a weekend of nothing, a return bearing gifts!

for Grak (who didn't provide a name for the character) here is his "FIREPROOF ORK BRAWLER".

QUOTE (Commentary)
I spent about 50 minutes on this bad mamma jamma. The trickiest part was coming up with a pose that conveyed how tough he was while still highlighting the "Fireproof" brand on the jacket.
Wow, he's nice. Looks ready to rumble someone's face in. Or just punch 'em in the jeans.
Daier Mune
Daier Mune
Elf Male - Adept
6'2", slight build (low STR & Body)
Quality: Human Looking
short, dishwater-blonde hair 'strategically tousled' to make it appear as if he doesn't spend half an hour in front of the mirror each morning
handsome, clean-cut, well-proportioned face with a devil-may-care smile and keen hazel eyes
image-link glasses, armored long coat and a simple business suit complete his everyday wear.
was last seen in Chicago CZ, attempting to re-establish black market trade with survivors. Despite poor conditions, keeps suit and the rest of himself clean, because "he's not a barbarian".
Traded in his light semi-auto pistol for a heavy revolver to help deal with personal security.
OMG YES. I am printing this off and putting inside my Fifth ED cover.

I appreciate you taking the extra effort on that, thanks a bunch Kenshi!
Egads. Has it really been ... yikes.

Your skills have upjumped quite a bit as well. Been spending that Karma I see!
hmm, i'd like a drawing of yours too . . but i don't really have any interesting characters in mind that'd be worth your time drawing <.<
Van and Binky i already got in drawing . .
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