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Full Version: Errata help plz?
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Hey all, I'm coming in fashionably late to SR5, but I got the pdf when it first came out. Unfortunately it seems I can't find where it notes what precisely a character's augmented maximum attributes are frown.gif Maybe I'm just incompetent, but any help would be welcome. Ty in advance!

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Augmented maximums are your current attribute +4. (P. 94 Core)
Two exceptions. Cyberlimbs (pg. 455) have their own Agility and Strength ratings, so they don't fall under this cap (on the downside, they also don't affect your physical limit, either). And if you combine wired reflexes with reaction enhancers with the wireless turned on for both of them, you can go over +4 with them.
Thanks much guys! (No wonder I didn't find it though, didn't read that section XD )
QUOTE (NightmareX @ Aug 8 2014, 11:49 AM) *
Thanks much guys! (No wonder I didn't find it though, didn't read that section XD )

Yeah, you can't get away with that with SR5. All of the sections have important rules embedded into the fluff and descriptions rather than in a mechanics chapter like any sensibly formatted RPG manual.
Quickly noticing that - plus alot of errors and flat out insanity (the new mystic - slash that - GOD adepts just about gave me a heart attack) X(
if it's any comfort, they may have been "nerfed" since your version of the rules. how much karma do power points cost for mystic adepts? if it's not 5, you're using an old version of the rules.

but yeah, mystic adepts are still plenty good.
Mystic Adepts are still pretty much the bees' knees for any campaign that's going to be ongoing for more than a couple games. They're only giving up astral projection in favor of being a full caster with a stack of power points, after all. I still think they should have been treated as aspected mages and only given access to Sorcery.
They give up astral projection and perception (unless they expend a power point for it - recommended because operating blind to astral space is a serious hindrance to a mage), in exchange for the ability to buy power points out of the limited resource of starting Karma. Advancement-wise, they gain power points at half the rate of the adept (only getting to take a power point as a metamagic, rather than getting one automatically as their magic increases), and even that rate only happens if they sacrifice the other metamagics they could be learning. Qi foci can only be used by adepts.

Overall, I think they are balanced compared to full mages or pure adepts, despite looking overpowered at first glance. They are definitely better than they were in SR4, which stands out even more because a lot of other stuff got hit heavily with the nerf bat in SR5.
"Qi foci can only be used by adepts."

I missed that. Do you have a page reference?

The first line for Qi foci in the core rule book. However, if you go by that then the Power Point and Adept Centering initiation options are then also prohibited to Mystic Adepts as those state exactly the same thing.
Page 319, first sentence under the Qi Foci heading: "Qi (pronounced "chee") foci only work for adepts." I am sure it could be argued that mystic adepts could be considered a type of adept, but if that was intended, it makes the rule very poorly phrased - an explicit limitation with an implicit exception.

*edit* Good point about the metamagics, though.
But mystic adepts, are, in fact, adepts. Says so right in the name.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (X-Kalibur @ Aug 9 2014, 09:30 PM) *
But mystic adepts, are, in fact, adepts. Says so right in the name.

Indeed... Mystic Adepts can use any Foci, they are not restricted like the Mage or the Adept are. And they have access to all the Metamagics, as they satisfy both the Mage and Adept qualifications.
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