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I have a full version of Fractal Mapper 8 and have used that for many fantasy setting games. However I started mapping a building for a Shadowrun game and realized I had no standard images to make up the interior of the buildings nor some of the exterior stuff.

I am interested to know how others make maps for their games. Specifically if anyone knows a good (and hopefully cheap) source of images used in mapping software. Specifically images used in doing interiors of buildings (things from bathroom stuff: Toilets and sinks, to desks and such for offices and so on) and outdoor stuff that would be unique to a modern day setting (things like cars and trucks, cargo containers, traffic signals, lamp posts and other things that would be different in modern games than fantasy)
I typically work from scratch with SketchUp in 3D, but then again I have a degree in Computer-Aided Design Drafting. For outdoor stuff modern media (Internet and Print) should be a good starting point.
For general map layouts I allow my players to use Google maps which I have displayed on a second screen while playing (I use my laptop while gaming for all my notes).

For internal layouts of buildings, I do one of two things.

Firstly I have done many searches for building layouts and saved them for future reference. I then just pick one I like the look of for in game and display it again on the secondary screen.

If I need to use it in a more detailed way, I will draw it out on a whiteboard with the secondary screen display as reference. This works well if there are multiple buildings/floors involved. This is a little time consuming though.

What I plan to do is get a cheap projector and have it downward facing so it projects onto the table (which is the whiteboard). But I don't want to spend more that 200 on said projector which is difficult because I also want something that is half decent as well.
Maybe this and this is of interest, too.
QUOTE (bannockburn @ Sep 26 2014, 01:05 PM) *
Maybe this and this is of interest, too.

Awesomesauce! Thank you
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