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Full Version: Quick Question - Toxic Strike
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Swing Kid
If a character has Toxic Strike (Grimoire p. 176), it explains that the strike, which follows the basic rules for Elemental Strike (a few pages prior), causes extra elemental damage. Looking back at page 105 (same book), for information on the elemental rules for pollutants, it describes a pollutant attack as a toxin with specific characteristics, including a Power value equal to the DV of the attack, but I am not certain if I should simply use the adept's Magic Rating as the DV, the net hits (hinted at in the Radiation topic further ahead), or some other factor.

Any input, especially with a reference to a rule that I may have missed, would be greatly appreciated.

I'm assuming this is from 5E, but in 4E, if there was not a listed Power to a toxic effect, it was equal to the critter's Magic. It's a safe assumption to make.
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