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Full Version: Street Grimoire Errata out
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Don't have Street Grimoire myself, but it's errata, it arrived significantly faster than for the BBB, and both here and for R&G they seem to be willing to fix balance issues and other problems which are not straight bugs. Maybe my previous skepticism will prove wrong after all...
Maybe, but the length of the SG errata is painfully short relative to its problems. In some ways it feels to me (especially in light of the Shadow Spells release) that it was only released as a sop in an effort to avoid more negative PR and so they can say, "Hey, we released the errata we promised." I'm disappointed. I like SR5, but I've been warning my friends that they may want to wait a bit before picking up the dead tree books as they come out because the PDFs have been so bad.

I'm not normally so negative, but ... yeah. frown.gif

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