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Full Version: Rule help with SR3 Confusion Crit Power
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As stated, I need some help in understanding if I'm applying the power correctly.

The power states that the victim of confusion has all his TNs increased by the spirit force/essence, plus the target has to make a willpower test to do any volutary action. The question is: Is this power resistible? From what I read it looks like there's no defense against it.

Thank you for your time.
I don't believe it is resisted. However, I do assume that the test to make a decision isn't affected by the Confusion power, and it seems to only require one success to get through. So, it's not an opposed test.
QUOTE (Noll)
Is this power resistible?

By RAW: No. The confusion power in SR3 is one of the fundamentally broken things that unfortunately got never fixed with an appropriate Errata.

QUOTE (Noll)
From what I read it looks like there's no defense against it.

Correct. The citter power works automatically within the critter's domain once the critter wants to affect a target . The victim can only take Willpower Tests to perform actions and - if successful - then still suffers TN modifiers to any such action. If the Willpower Tests fail the victim is pretty much lobotomized and doesn't do much until the critter stops using the power (for whatever reason).
Wounded Ronin
Apparently this power even affects GMs.
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