Ok, so Chrome Flesh updated a little bit of stuff for Skillsoft users.

Let's try making one!

The core of the character is the skillwires technology, so let's start there:
  • Move-By-Wire Rating 2 - Avail 18F at $125,000 and 4 Essence (Will need Restricted Gear, counts as rating 4 Skillwires)
  • Skilljack Rating 4 - Avail 8 at $40,000 and .4 Essence (Chrome Flesh price point)
  • Chipjack rating 6 - Avail 12 at $6,000 and .3 Essence
  • Skillsoft Network Gold - $15,000 per Month (good for knowledge skills and infrequently needed rating 3 activesofts)
  • 5x rating 4 Activesofts - Avail 8 at $100,000 (for all 5) - enough to fill the jack with wireless off.
  • Rating 4 Fake SIN - Avail 12f at $10,000 (needed for Skillsoft Network, and generally a good thing to have)

Ok that's $296,000 on making the character fast and adaptable, with Essence 1.3 left. If we tweak the fund we should be able to get that within Resources B. For a Jack of all trades type character, which is what a Chipjack character should be, that's good, because we can get Attributes A which makes any skill we pickup via wires all that much better.

Attributes A: 24 points
3 Body
6 Agility
3 Reaction (5 with Move by Wire)
1 Strength (2 after Karma)
4 Will
5 Logic
5 Intuition
5 Charisma

Resources B: $275,000

Skills C: 28/2

Gymnastics 6 - You want to be able to dodge attacks regardless of the software slotted, and you want to be able to spend Edge on it.
Perception 6 - You want to be able to look around and see what's happening regardless of software slotted.
Sneaking 6 - You want to be able to hide and sneak well, and be able to spending Edge on it to avoid being detected.
Automatics 6 - Primary combat skill. Again, being able to use it any time and spending edge on it are valuable.
Electronics Skill Group 2 - This generally explains how the character is able to use the technology they have implanted in their brain.

Race D: Human (3)

Edge 5
Sadly edge can not be spent on skillwire skills.

Special E: Mundane

Starting 25 Karma

-10 Max More Cash - $20,000
-10 Strength upgrade from 1 to 2

-10 Karma Restricted Gear (Move-By-Wire)
-10 Karma Blackmarket Pipeline (Cyberware) - Get back $17,100 in starting cash.
-3 Agile Defender

+4 Karma Amnesia (Surface Loss) - Limited access to backstory and knowledge skills.
+2 Driven (Who am?!)
+10 Wanted
+2 Reduced Sense (Smell)

Other Gear

$16,100 left with which to buy other starting gear, like a machine pistol side arm, armor jacket, a commlink, and some HUD glasses. Maybe even squeeze in a smartlink or cybereyes with smartlink and a decent vision mode.

Social Limit

The low essence and twitch penalties from move-by-wire mean the Social Limit for this character is 3 or 4. That's 5 base limit, -2 for twitch, with a possible +1 boost from the wireless bonus on Move-By-Wire.

Tailored Pheromones would go a long way towards helping here, not to mention the dice pool bonus, but they are expensive. To afford that we would need to either drop Move-By-Wire down to just Skillwires Rating 4, or switch to Resources A with Attributes B... or do something like In Debt instead of Wanted.