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Full Version: A Shedim, an Infected, a Headcase and a Flesh Form Insect walk into a bar
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Ok, actually I got nothing, but maybe YOU can come up with the rest of the joke....

Begin. nyahnyah.gif
Says the infected: "I wanna eat souls! Delicious human souls! I like it most when they squirm and wiggle, it gives the most amazing texture and aroma!" Says the spirit: "We must consume all the humans for the swarm! FOR THE SWARM!" Says the headcase: "New host upload complete in 45 seconds ... 40 seconds ... 30 seconds ..."
The bar offers free drinks for the designated driver. Since Infected can't stomach alcohol, and the alien personalities of the others can't conceptualize the human need for altered personal states, everybody wants the free drinks. The bar is left a smoldering crater.
The infected says to the insect spirit... "Man you really bug me", he responds "Well you still seem riper than the tin can over there... and you know I hate canned food", shedim eyes them hungrily... "Say when you're done can I have the body?"

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